I Had a Really Great Weekend, and Ronaldo Probably Isn’t Going to Win Euros. Ever.

I LOVE SPORTS. Super much. I remember when I moved to the States, I  proclaimed that I would never watch or be a witness to this “football” that everyone was so into. The only football in my heart was called “soccer.” Ugh. Fast-forward like 13 years (OMG), 4 years of real-life Texas “Friday Night Lights,” and THE Dallas Cowboys (no, I don’t want to talk to you about Tony Romo…), catch me on the 40-yard line, alladat.img_2895 Soccer/football still has a special place in my heart. I can be found catching the early Premier League match with my dad, especially if our team, Liverpool, is playing. I got to play soccer in high school for three years with some of my best friends and a few of the greatest coaches. All around, good vibes, and both football and football have found a way to live in harmony in my heart!
Sports, especially team sports, as so fantastic! They can serve to be a uniting front for people and players of all walks of life. But, for me, the most important thing is that you cannot do them alone. A team, unites to serve the goal of winning a game. Ideally not only does that cohesion happen on the field, but hopefully off of the field as well. So far in preparing for my upcoming YAV year, one thing that has been really profound for me, is that I am not alone in this journey. Not only are there other young people from all over this country getting ready to walk on this journey alongside me, but there are hundreds of YAVA (YAV Alumni), a dope YAV staff, and just so many friends, church members and family members praying for, excited for and helping us to prepare for this journey. Not, going to lie, it’s been very overwhelming. But in a good way. So far, along the way, the most common question I’ve been asked is “So how are you?” or “So how are you feeling?” My answer has been OVERWHELMED. Overwhelmed with joy at this new community that I get to be a part of. Overwhelmed with all the things I need to do to prepare to live and work abroad for a year. Overwhelmed with everyone’s excitement and recommendations of things they want me to experience while in Scotland. Overwhelmed. But still so excited in the anticipation of all that lies ahead of me.


Pit-stop at the Dallas Museum of Art!

A great reminder of my not being alone was definitely this past weekend. 2 of the current Arkansas YAVs Dani and Emily, rolled through Denton/Dallas to attend the Avett Brothers concert in Fair Park. I got to meet Emily at the YAV discernment event this past April at Ferncliff Camp in Arkansas, where she’s currently serving. She’s taking the plunge and serving a SECOND YAV year (along with a trove of other YAVs). We were in the same small group during the event and she mentioned that she would be in town this summer to attend the concert with one of her housemates. It worked out that they needed a place to stay and so we got to explore Dallas for a bit and have a great musical experience. The Avett Brothers aren’t really like a thing that I would listen to, or a concert that would have been on my radar. But when Emily asked if I wanted to go, I thought why not? I mean, what’s the worst that happens, I hate the music? That luckily turned out not to be the case. Not only did the Avett Brothers totally rock Dallas, but I got to spend the day with two lovely YAVs, talk to them about their current experiences and explore Dallas for a bit! The whole day was just a further reminder that I’m not on this journey alone.


Emily, Dani, and I before the Avett Brothers. What a great musical experience.

And not only that I’m not alone, but maybe a window into one of the things that I’m hoping to experience this next year. I want to do things that I wouldn’t usually do. I would’ve never gone to that show. And I definitely wouldn’t have gone by myself. But I didn’t have to. And I won’t have to do anything during this next year by myself. There’s a whole community to experience new things with, to process with, to laugh with, to cry with. It’s very OVERWHELMING. But like also very awesome and exciting. Even now. Trying to figure out all the crazy paperwork we have to get to and from Scotland. I don’t have to do that alone. Me and my future housemates have a group messaging situation going through Facebook. We can complain together, prepare together and, get to know one another before we meet at orientation in August. Another great thing has been sharing newly formed jokes and adventures via Snapchat with some of the YAVs I’ve already met. It’s very lit. S/O to social media and it’s power to unite and bring together. We appreciate you.

a few of the YAVs that have discerned whether or not to answer God’s call to serve. AHH!

Also, got to celebrate my home church’s 53rd birthday this Sunday. Pictures, stories and cake. Trinity is a great church family. The history of our little church is so rich. Over the almost 10 years my family has been in Denton, getting to learn of the stories and knowing the people who have led the path for change in this community, has been an honor.


Trinity’s 50th birthday banner. It was hand-quilted by members of the church and has many symbols celebrating the life and mission of our church!

Moral of my weekend, I am NOT alone. It’s super easy to feel like one is alone. We get overwhelmed, we’re tired, we get angry and disillusioned. But yeah, lots of people in my corner. Lots of people on the journey. And it feels freaking awesome so far. So in reference to the title of this blog, Ronaldo will never win a major title for his country. Have you seen that man play? Don’t get me wrong, man can BALL but, he tries to do EVERYTHING. And in team sports, that’s hard. Ronaldo isn’t the only player on his national team. There’s a whole team of people willing to walk with him on his journey, and maybe he should let them. But also, COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!


my (imaginary) boo-lovin’ Kevin love celebrating his 1st championship win with a teammate.


The “best player” in the world?

Thanks for reading friends. Have a solid week! In the next week I’ll have another post up about MY JOB PLACEMENT FOR GLASGOW (eekkk!!). It’ll probs be a shorter read, lol.



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