Work *sings like Rihanna*


As I mentioned in my 1st post, I am required to fundraise a portion of my expenses for my YAV year. As DJ Khaled says “It costs money to eat.” A great percentage of costs associated with the year are fully funded by PC(USA) through donations and special offerings. But, in the spirit of walking on this journey together, fundraising TOGETHER is a thing.

I’m halfway to my July 1st benchmark of $2,000! I’m very thankful to my home church family, Trinity, for giving me that jump start. I have until January 1st to raise $4,000. As a site, the Scotland YAVs (there will be 4 of us and I CANNOT WAIT TO INTRODUCE THESE LADIES TO Y’ALL) have a fundraising goal of $16,000 ($4,000 x 4 YAVs). The prospect of fundraising can be very daunting. I’m not there yet though…


Okay, recently received my work placement for my year in Scotland! I will be at Colston Milton Parish Church on the northern part of Glasgow.

Colston Milton is a low income community in the north of Glasgow with a strong sense of identity where people know each other and are friendly and connected.  The community however experiences a high degree of social problems, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues and unemployment.  The church has set up two principal projects: Milton Arts Project which mainly focuses on high quality music tuition and nurturing local musical talent and Just Like Us, a drop in offering life skills to help people overcome addictions and barriers caused by poor mental health.  As well as the regular church organizations (Boys Brigade & Girls Brigade), there is a Community Food Initiative which runs a community garden and provides healthy eating courses and groceries.

If you know me, everything in this paragraph speaks to me sooooo heavy. My passion for mental health and access to resources was stoked by my psychology degree and my internship and a counseling center last fall at a center that catered to people with HIV/AIDS diagnoses. The fact that music has found a way to weave itself into my life once again over this next year is so exciting. It was definitely something I wasn’t expecting to be able to get out of this year. My soul is so full of anticipation.

Glasgow site coordinator, Lynn, and I at the YAV discernment event at Ferncliff Camp in Arkansas


Voting is so important. It’s the landmark of a democracy and kind of the point. As I type this the BBC has just called the UK referendum in favor of the Brexit. *hyperventilates cuz so much uncertainty* People always say “oh that’ll never happen” in reference to some “obscure” political possibility. FAM, if it’s on the ballot, it’s a possibility, don’t play yourself. *cough, November 8th, cough* I’m super interested to see how this Brexit will shape my YAV year, if at all…


So here’s my work-themed playlist (Spotify and iTunes links below) to calm your nerves. Download it for your commutes, play it as you chef it up in the kitchen. ENJOY!



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