So are you ready to leave yet? (jk, bye)

Okay peeps, this is a late one. I’ve been so busy gearing up for this journey, finishing up my last week in Texas, I just didn’t have time to make this what I wanted, so here it is. Just a few snaps of what my summer entailed. I’m currently at Stony Point Center in New York with over 60 other 1st year YAVs, DISorientating. We came from far and wide, but we made it. I could totes complain about TSA this morning at DFW, the stingy airline workers, having strep throat (YAYS), having to lug my entire life across 2 states, but I have so much to be grateful for. SO many new faces to call friend, safe travels, fellowship. Yeah.

Yogurt date with Kylan and Ryan Stafford. They’re some of the smartest, most awesome kids EVER. in the middle of this date, Ryan put his hands together and says “Dear God, please don’t let Ekama go to Scotland.” That’s a really serious prayer, and I didn’t know that to say to that. One of the things I’m hoping to explore more is that beautiful and open faith of a small child. Prayer can be such a powerful thing.

A parting gift from one of my best friends. The almost exact coordinates of the classroom we met in freshman year at Guyer High School.


My last Buccee’s Trip for a while. I truly believe that Buccee’s is the most efficient thing in the state of Texas.


Grace Presbytery YAVs, Rachel (South Korea) and Emily (Chicago), and the wonderful Joanna Kim cheering on our Texas Rangers. THANKS FOR A GREAT SEND OFF GRACE PRES. Thanks for everything.

*balls like Jordan*

Celebrating the greatest birthday buddy and life-partner with some of our friends at one of my favorite places in Denton, Eastside.

Drake. This is the setup for Hotline Bling and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced as a music fan.  I cried for most of this concert…

Seeing on of my bests, Sarah one last time before we both embark on our new, adult journeys!

Coolin’ in Taos, New Mexico with Ashleigh. Not only is she like, the best 2nd grade teacher, EVAR, but she’s one of my best friends. She invited me to come up to her family’s cabin for the 4th of July weekend. It was awesome and fantastic.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Only mildly terrifying.

Views from New Mexico. ‘Merica.


My not-so-little, little bro leading the smaller humans in activities during our church’s VBS

Outgoing Little Rock YAVs, Dani and Emily (Peru this year!!) do Dallas

Cabin views in Taos.

Meeting of the bridesmaids. Ashleigh is getting married next summer and asked me to be a bridesmaid. Upon accepting my year as a YAV, I had to back out of being a part of Ash’s special day. She didn’t allow me to “get out of helping” her plan this summer though.

Car hunting with my cousin Destiny. So super proud of this one, and so glad to be apart of her 1st car buying experience!!

1st night of summer at my !st Ranger’s game. With my UNT buddy extraordinaire, Laurin

Okay, I didn’t forget, here’s your playlist for this post. Let us mourn or celebrate the end of summer with these sweet jams (Only including the iTunes link cuz there’s new Frank Ocean and so necessary).

Blessings for the changing of the seasons. Both in nature and in the various forms and states we find ourselves in our own personal lives.



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