Things that Make Complaining About Stuff Not that Important

The last 2 weeks have been roller coasters. I’ve kind of hit a block in writing, not only stuff that I feel like I’m wanting to give y’all in the form of a blog post, but also my personal journaling. One thing that has stuck out though, is that life is happening, unapologetically so. Since I’m really not the mood to write about feelings or experiences per say, here’s a list of things that make complaining about life and its various nuances not that important!

  1. Bacon
  2. Boomer Phelps’ Instagram account (even though he’s a Raven’s fan)
  3. Music (even if it’s the shitty pop-y kind)
  4. Female police officers
  5. Fred and Alex
  6. Tea
  7. Baked goods
  8. Baked goods filled with meat
  9. The freedom to vote for whoever the hell I want to (obviously within the realms of the choices at hand…)
  10. My YAV sisters
  11. YAV mum (and the best site coordinator, EVAR), Lynn
  12. Talking about history
  13. Spreadsheets
  14. Kilts and bagpipes img_3431
  15. Instant forms of communication
  16. Waking up every morning
  17. Self-care activities
  18. Swear words
  19. Waterproof (not water-resistant) outerwear
  20. Killer sunset/sunrise views
  21. Not-so-great, romatical movies
  22. Stained-glass windows img_3344
  23. The ability to ask questions
  24. Dancing
  25. Did I mention baked goods??

Life is happening. Sometimes in the midst of all that, it’s easy to forget to take a step back and just be. Let the messy stuff be messy. Wallow in sadness, if just for a while. And laugh uncontrollably, while you have food in your mouth, and until you need to lie down in a ball on your bedroom floor.



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