I Cannae Believe It!

I’ll start off with my playlist for this one. I love a good innuendo in song so I’m thankful to Bill Clinton for inspiring generations of rappers and Beyonce . Also, Jeezy, my president will always be black, the Lambo on the other hand will maybe have to go on an obscure aspirations list…

“I cannae believe it!” This is one of my fave bits of Glaswegian colloquialism. One, it sounds really cool. Two, I think it very accurately encompasses a state of disbelief about a situation or person. In the context of this bloggy-blog, it’s a phrase that’s been tossed my way as Scots are wanting to engage on my personal thoughts about the US Presidential election. It’s inconceivable that in a country “like America” “two clowns” are running in what seems like “something out of a pantomime” (actual words).

My defiant brain always wants to answer “Well why the hell not? What is so inconceivable about these two choices? That’s who everyone voted for in the primaries” *a couple more choice words for flavor* If something’s on the ballot, it’s a thing that might could happen. Look at the failed Columbia peace referendum and Brexit. The world was in shock that these votes ended the way they did, and yet the world continues to spin.

One of the things I know about myself is that I get angry very easily. Injustice makes me angry. The world’s general lack of compassion for others makes me angry. Pigeons make me angry. One of my personal goals for this year (and hopefully moving forward) is to react to things in a less aggressive manner. I’m learning to sit in my anger, let it hang out a wee while, and ponder more appropriate reactions, if any. This TWO YEAR election cycle has gotten me riled up to the point of nightmares. BUT, I know that I can’t immediately do anything about inequality and injustice, the influence of money, both candidates’ histories of implementing and advocating for shitty social/legal polices (mass incarceration, housing discrimination, reduced press access etc.), my perceived laziness of the “third party” (you can’t show up once every 4 years and just be asleep for the elections that actually matter, LOCAL ELECTIONS), or even that I live in a place where I am represented by politicians who stand in opposition to almost everything I believe in. There are more healthy ways for me to vent these frustrations than my constantly lashing out. But I’m a work in progress.

Before I came to Scotland, someone said to me I don’t talk about politics enough. Everything is political fam, wake up.

Also chill out and go fucking vote.


Democracy: £3.15p


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