Things that Make Complaining About Stuff Not that Important: Thanksgiving Edition

So far my YAV year has been so  many things. Wonderful, busy, stressful, tiring, lonely, and full of community. As I come to the end of 3 months (OH MY GAWD), there is so much reflection on not only my time so far, but my end date, what will come after this journey, and all of the things in between to come. My mom always says I’m really good at complaining, so here’s a list of stuff I cannea complain about a single bit! 

  1. Eddie Redmayne’s face
  2. IKEA
  3. The 8-1 9-1 Dallas Cowboys
  4. Veggie haggis
  5. Ear muffs
  6. Fireworks (but only for about 20 mins)
  7. Fresh cranberries
  8. Baked goods
  9. My “Just Like Us” family
  10. Biscuit tins
  11. Hot water bottles
  12. Milton
  13. The LITurgical calendar
  14. Thanksgiving img_3802
  15. Giving Scots a hard time for complaining about how cold it is
  16. My huge bedroom windows that let in lots of sunlight window-view
  17. Opportunities to lead
  18. Gaining greater clarity on what a post-YAV year might look like
  19. Christmas dinners to come 
  20. Pavlova
  21. Tea
  22. Gloves
  23. 5 year old girls who like talking about make-up
  24. Fried plantains
  25. YOU for reading my blog!!

On this Thanksgiving day I am thankful for so much. But also aware that there are so many Americans who struggle to find the strength to feel the same. I ask that you throw them in your prayer buckets. Also throw the YAV staff in Louisville and all the site coordinators in there. They do so much for us to make this journey meaningful. For that I am truly grateful!





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