“She Makes It More Fun!”

I left my blogging notebook in Skye earlier this week and it was just returned to me, so here’s a blog I started while I was there! S/O to Ashleigh for inviting me on her holiday w/ her kiddos and the rest of Clan Gilles/Brown/Graham (and Alex!) for showing ya girl a fantastic time and for inviting me to a new piece of the universe. I really had amazing weekend!


#AdventureEkama in Skye

One of the reoccurring themes for Ekama in the crazy YAV-year is that I need to chill out and MAKE time and spaces for myself to let loose and have a little fun. Not that I hate fun. Fun is awesome. I am an awesome, fun person (the title of my blog is a quote taken from Lewis, who didn’t know I was crashing his holiday but said “I like it when Ekama comes to Skye, she makes it more fun!” *cries*) and I think as humans we defiantly get caught up in the whirlwind of obligations and life and taking time out often feels like running away from life.

One of the last things we did at YAV DISorientation in Stony Point was talk about self-care. There were various stations (mandala drawing, a labyrinth (BLOG ON MY LOVE OF LABYRITHS COMING SOON OMG), Taize, and probably a couple I can’t remember currently) of which we had to do a couple. So I thought I’d blog about some of the shit I like to do for fun…


Labyrinth found on an adventure in Faerie Glen on the Isle of Skye

  • Take naps – Irene, the Clerk of session in Milton, and basically my mom while I’m here, got me a t-shirt for Christmas that said “Nap Queen.” I can often be found napping in her flat. Or anywhere else tbh cuz napping is just a really important thing that become less socially acceptable post-infancy and fam, that’s gotta end…
  • Cook – cooking is one of the things in the universe that I am truly confident in. Being in a kitchen and creating something delicious is just so stress-free for me (and cooking people delicious food is also a great way to make friends!). Also I really like eating so that’s a thing.
  • Journal – manifesting thoughts and feels into words
  • Alone-time – extroverts like me cherish our alone time. Being constantly on the ball with other people in various capacities is so draining. Sometimes I just walk home from the bustop a long way, go pick something up to get out of the flat, or walk to the westside to get donuts by myself!
  • Join a choir

Crescendo is a choir of folks from all over Glasgow that meet to make a joyful noise! Our steadfast leader is Iain Johnston who is an elder in Milton and one of the many folks that works under the Priority Areas umbrella. We meet once a week in Anderston Kelvingrove Church to prep to take the show to various of the churches and projects we work with. 

  • Catch up on the news – as stress-inducing as the news is, I think that catching up with those who we share the world with is really important. Awareness is the catalyst for change. Watching news etc. is just one of those habits I’ve picked up off
  • Visit churches – I’m a big, fat, church nerd. I’m in the home of Presbyterianism. I literally can’t not…

I didn’t get to visit Kilmuir and Stenscholl Church on Skye as this week the morning service was on the other side of the island. But these buildings are a great view of the famous Telford church buildings that can be found all over Scotland. View from Columba 1400.

  • Play with makeup – simple living means not having extra funds to splash about on glittery eyeshadow. In addition to makeup shopping to be very time-consuming *internal rant about limited access to makeup shades tailored for WOC* So I may have brought my entire makeup collection with me to Scotland
  • Do my hair – I have patience for many things, maintaining an afro is not one of them. So every couple months I carve out about 9 hours of time and sit down to braid my hair. Glasgow, is quite a diverse city and the universe placed the YAV-flat about half a mile away from a hair store with which for me to purchase purple hair J
  • Random adventures

Casual London bridge views


Ekama and 2 clerks of session walk into a mall… Grateful for these two super mucho.


Auchentoshan Whiskey distillery. Totally worth taking a day off for!


The most snow I’ve seen in Scotland. The tiny Rowes enlisted my assistance in manifesting a snowman


Lambhill Stables. Views from an unexpected canal walk on a beautiful day #workperks


View from the top of Connick Hill in Edinburgh


More Edinburgh


Unplanned coffee date w/ Isabella



I’m not sure I’ve been inspired enough to make a playlist this week so here’s one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite artists. This song (even more so this record) came out at a really horrible, not-so-great time for Ekama. It was one of those musical, shining lights at the beginning of a really cloudy tunnel.  Also, Frank and Tyler make really great music together…



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