Ekama and the Awesome, Fantastic, Exceptional, Very Good Day

I think that most YAVs and YAVA will agree with me, most of the things that MAKE this crazy year never make it to a blog situation. 1) We’re lazy. Fam, that would be way too much writing. 2) Most of the things that happen during this year are so crazy, so out of this world yet, ordinary and it’s hard to get a firm enough grasp on an experience to put it into words for the universe to read. 3) You probably wouldn’t believe the story, cuz we still can’t believe that it happened.

Thankfully for you, my faithful readers, this was not one of those “un-bloggable” days. It was a powerfully ordinary yet amazing day, the wee gems that makes this year worth it for me. An unexpectedly amazing day, that I didn’t know that I needed, until I was in the middle of it…

My alarm rang at 7am, but I turned it off and reset it for 10 cuz I knew I didn’t need to be presentable to the universe until lunchtime. I wasn’t feeling so hot so I’d decided that after I rolled out of bed I’d make myself a bacon roll (a frequent occurrence) while I sipped my coffee before I showered. I sat in the kitchen clearing out the emails I’d missed last week while we were on our retreat. Then our internet kicked me out and I noticed our fridge was dark. Our electricity was out, which immediately decreased my already sour mood.

After lots of swearing and banging around my room, I eventually left for a training for music practitioners for the Racket (the MAP youth project I work at on a Monday night).

Stephen Fischenbacher, the founder of “Fischy” music (a very popular music tool around here) led our session. It ended up being way more amazing that I was anticipating a Monday staff training to be. Stephen gave us lots to think about as we navigate constantly trying to tweak and refine the Racket. Youth work is really fucking hard. The kids we work with are complex and in so many ways, we don’t have enough of the tools, resources and skills to give them everything they deserve. It was great to gain some new things for our rolodex. We did some rhythm and song-writing activities. They were just fun and silly. Also, I got to experience Iain Morrison attempting to “dab,” and I didn’t know that I needed to experience that until it happened (if you know Iain, or what “dabbing” is you’d appreciate this too!).

songs we wrote during our training today!

We moved straight from that to our Racket session. It was a pretty great session. There’s usually a group that goes off for guitar lessons and then of the bigger group we’re left with we do song-writing stuff and they get taken off in pairs to get drumming lessons. Our bigger group of song-writers is usually a tough group to keep engaged for an hour. But today, it got to a point when I was walking up to the studio to get something and I was completely thrown off by how silent and engaged they were with the task of writing a song together (this NEVER happens).

All off the kids that walk through our door on a Monday are amazing and it’s been fantastic to watch them grow and come out of their shells these past 6 months. But we have a few, man, they’re so switched on, and they get this whole music thing. Today was a day that those kids got to shine.

Usually I catch a partial ride home with one of the youth workers Calum and walk the rest of the way home with Julie (OG Scotland YAV). Our car ride was filled with laughter, banter, singing along to the radio and an important life lesson on how to treat women.

Then I came home to pancakes for dinner as I’ll spending my Mardi Gras at a training until 10pm.

Now I’m sitting at my computer, pore strip on my nose, sipping a glass of wine, as a recount a very normal day, that was made special in many ways.

I’ve had so many days like today. As tough as I find this year at times, sometimes I’ll like “damn, I can’t believe this is my life and I’m getting to experience this moment right now.” But, as I said at the beginning of this post, most of this year doesn’t get written up with accompanying pictures. But a nice big amen and a thank you, to y’all, my various communities that make this year (and the bloggable bit of this year) possible!

Again, I’m getting lazy with my playlists, but here’s the chorus to the song the kiddos at the Racket wrote today!!



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