#SquadGoals Part 2


I started this blog on the train to go and meet Olivia at the end of the West Highland Way. A 96 mile walking trail from Glasgow to Fort William.

This is a love letter of sorts to my YAV sisters, but mainly Olivia. I know I’m probably not supposed to have favorites, but here I am. Rachel and Isabella are equally as fantastic and I really don’t know if I can hit it home enough about how much I appreciate them, but yeah, Olivia is probably everyone’s favorite too…

Olivia and I are different in almost every way. She’s a 4 on the Enneagram, I’m a 2 (Isabella and Rachel are also 2’s). She loves being with nature, I enjoy looking at nature. Planning things far in advance brings me joy and tranquility and I try to stay away from spontaneity at all costs. Planning far in advance isn’t necessarily Olivia’s fave thing and she is truly comfortable going with the flow (a trait that I am extremely jealous of).

Olivia does joy in a way that not a lot of adults do. Everyday is the potential for a party, every moment has a song and accompanying dance (dancing in Morrison’s while shopping for Thanksgiving is a highpoint) and, our fridge is a cow (you’ll have to pop by the flat for that story!!).


This past week, Olivia spent 7 days walking and camping her way through Western Scotland. I would definitely never do that (especially not at this point in my life…). She fucking owned the WHW. Her entrance to the end of the of the trail was PERFECT (I’ll set the scene: I see her and scream, giant bear hug to the tune of “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled, lots of noise etc.).

We proceeded to have an amazing weekend in Fort William. Lots of quality time with my favorite YAV.

It’s not just that we’re different that makes this harmony extra special or anything like that. No two people or groups of people are the same in every way. For me, it’s that despite this, we’ve been able to build friendship that’ll probably leave us entertwined in each other’s lives for quite a bit. That the universe has aligned us is really cool and wonderful, and I will be always grateful!


Killer views at breakfast from the guesthouse we stayed in at Fort William


One of my fave thing to do in new places is to go to church. Thanks for indulging me O!

Here’s Olivia’s WHW playlist. Enjoy!


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